Trouble Getting Hard?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a situation where you fail to get an adequate erection for enjoying sex. Here, most people receive no form of erection at all, and others get weak erections, which affects how long they last in bed. According to experts, over 30 million American men have witnessed erectile dysfunction at one point of time in their lives. ED also tends to affect the sex drive of men.

ED isn’t confined to a certain age, but it can happen to any boy or man. However, men who are older are more susceptible to this condition. Men from the age group of the 40’s possess a 40% chance rate of developing and experiencing ED. Here, you can expect the risk to increase by 10% in every decade of their lives. For example, there will be a 50% and 60% chance of developing ED for someone in their 50’s and 60’s, respectively.

Apart from age, other risks factors linked to ED consists of smoking, stroke, obesity, inactive lifestyle, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and consuming certain meds like beta-blockers and antidepressants. Psychogenic ED is one of the common factors for ED. But the psychological causes usually coexist with functional and physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

What It Does

Having ED causes men to create an emotional and psychological reaction up to a significant amount. It mostly includes stress, anxiety patterns, and low self-esteem. These issues tend to affect their sexual performance with their partners. Here, a health care provider should address this anxiety performance. There are numerous brain areas involved in erections and sexual behaviors.

In psychogenic erectile dysfunction, the brain tends to send messages, which prevent erections. The psychogenic ED might be connected to the body’s reaction to stressors, including the release of catecholamines, which tightens your penile muscles. It prevents them from trying to relax. Certain feelings will interfere with your regular sex function.

It includes being self-conscious or nervous about sex. The person suffering from ED might also feel stressed both at work or home. He will be having trouble in his present sexual relationship. Men suffering from psychogenic erectile dysfunction will benefit hugely from psychotherapy, ED treatment, or a combo of them. But you should always make it a priority to consult with your physician.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction - Have Trouble Getting Hard?


How Can I Get Hard Fast Without Pills?

You don’t necessarily have to consume pills to get a boner. You can resort to more natural methods for achieving that. They include:

Limit Alcohol Consumption – It is totally fine to drink occasionally and in moderation. But overindulgence in alcohol will lead to ED. Alcohol tends to dull your sexual reflexes and central nervous system. Your body will have a hard time feeling or responding to sex with excess alcohol consumption. If you wish to reverse your ED, then start taking this step.

Stop Smoking – Smoking is responsible for causing vascular illness, and it also affects your heart. It will affect your blood flow into crucial areas like your genitals. You need to quit this habit to get as maximum blood flowing as possible.

Kegel Workout – This exercise is also beneficial for men and not just women. It does a great job of strengthening the pelvic floor. You will notice a positive change in your ED and sexual performance. To do this exercise, you need to tighten your muscles towards your pelvic’s bottom area. Proceed to hold them for three seconds and release them. Ensure that you do this exercise 10-15 times, three times every day, to achieve excellent sexual fitness.

Ginseng – Ginseng is also known as Herbal Viagra. According to multiple studies, consuming over 600-1000 milligrams 3-times per day will be quite effective for treating ED. But you need to avoid buying the red ginseng, which consists of the dried and steamed type of root.

Watermelon – Watermelon has amino acid citrulline, which is responsible for enhancing blood flow in your penis. According to many studies, men who consumed supplements containing citrulline witnessed erection improvement, offering more satisfaction.

Daily Exercise – Since arousal needs great blood flow, so aerobic exercise is vital for maintaining your cardiovascular system. You can reverse ED through traditional exercises and healthy weight maintenance.

L-Arginine – This amino acid is present in your body. It helps in creating nitric oxide responsible for relaxing blood vessels for getting an erection. You can consume 5g per day for treating your ED.

What Food Works Like Viagra?

We all know what Viagra is, but if you prefer a more natural way, then you can eat foods that act as a natural Viagra. They include:

Tribulus – This tiny leafy plant has fruit and roots that are quite prevalent in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Many people use it as a sports supplement, and it also helps increase testosterone levels accompanied by improved sex drive. In a recent study, consuming 1500mg regularly for 90 days brought improvements in sexual desire and erections.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris - Have Trouble Getting Hard


Celery – Many people don’t like eating this vegetable because it is quite watery. But this plant contains arginine that is responsible for expanding blood vessels, just like Viagra. Celery also possesses two steroids, which assist in improving your body odor. It makes you sexually appealing to your partner.



Maca – This root veggie is utilized for enhancing sex drive and fertility. You can purchase supplements containing maca in multiple forms, including liquid extracts, powders, and capsules. From a review of four studies consisting of 131 people, regularly consuming maca for over six weeks witnessed improvements in their sexual desire. Plus, it also helped in treating ED in men.

Maca Root Extract - Have Trouble Getting Hard


Watermelon – This fruit isn’t just tasty, but it also contains citrulline, which helps in producing nitric oxide. In this way, it increases sexual stamina, causing a decrease in erectile dysfunction.



Saffron – This tasty spice comes from the flower known as Crocus Sativus. It does an excellent job in being an aphrodisiac and reduces stress too. From a four-week study consisting of 36 men with ED, consuming saffron of about 30mg regularly brought significant erectile function improvement in comparison to the ones who took a placebo.





Chocolate – According to studies, chocolate tends to boost your blood vessels’ elasticity. It assists in facilitating the blood flow to wherever it plans to go. In this way, chocolate helps in improving the condition of people with ED.



Paprika – This spice does a great job in increasing the circulation and flow of your blood. It will improve erectile dysfunction in men. You can start adding a couple of teaspoons to your daily meals.







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