Herbs To Treat Erectile Dysfunction


There’s nothing worse than a man who wants to have sex and cannot get an erection. It will be disappointing for their partners and will also lower his self-esteem in some type of way. An erectile dysfunction can be an underlying physiological condition, and as well as a physical illness.

This uncommon health problem can cause strain and damage in relationships and even damage one’s own confidence. The other term for erectile dysfunction is known as impotence.

When a man suffers from impotence, it can really cause mental and emotional stress in so many ways. Not being able to have sex when you want could lower one’s assertiveness and affect their mood in their everyday lives. Not being to satisfy your partner can also cause a rift between each other.
However, erectile dysfunction is not a rare problem. It occurs in so many people over the world, and they don’t even realize it. It can be cured and treated through a medical professional with the right medicines. It’s usually self-diagnosable, and you can make out the signs with no trouble.

There are also many ways of treating erectile dysfunction, and herbal remedies are one of them. One of the best treatments for impotence is through natural and organic ways. Plus, natural remedies have very few side effects as compared to medical treatment.


What can cause erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several reasons, mentally and physically. Since getting an erection requires interaction with your body parts, they could all be playing a role in some ways. Your nervous system, hormones, the current state of emotion, and body muscles could all play a part in causing impotence. Stress from work and everyday lives could also be a major factor.

Herbs that can treat erectile dysfunction 

Let’s take a look at how herbal remedies can help you with an ED and how they can affect your body and your health for the better.

These are the herbs that can significantly cure ED:

Mondia whitei:

Mondia whitei is a medicinal plant that Africans initially used to treat common health issues like stress and boost sexual performance. This special herb has been historically used to treat sexual problems and has been used to broaden the blood vessels, raising blood flow to the penis.

This herb also stimulates and increases the supply of adrenaline all over your body, which in results gives you a harder and longer erection. The desire for sex also rises when treated with this herb. If there is full treatment through this herb, it can be eventually effective and improve your sex life and impotence.

Users can take forty to sixty milligrams of capsules for two times in a day for a period of a month.

Mondia whitei


Panax ginseng 

Panax ginseng, also known as Chinese ginseng or Korean ginseng, is a medicinal herb that is formulated into tonics and used for various treatments, including erectile dysfunction.

Since the olden times, Panax ginseng has been used to cure sexual-related problems and increase the focal concentration for one’s mind and body. The herb also helps in increasing stamina and lowering the levels of stress in our bodies. This herb has also been proven to increase the stiffness of the penis as well as girth. It additionally helps in increasing the libido and the time of erection.

People who tested out this herbal remedy took nine hundred milligrams of this herb thrice for a period of two months. It has no significant side effects and is considered safe for consumption. But you should note that the intake should not go over two months.

Panax Ginseng




Gingko is a herb that helps in regulating the flow of blood to your sexual organs. Scientists have also claimed that the usage of this herb has significantly increased the duration of erections in males. Subsequently, this herb helps if you are someone who’s experiencing impotence due to other medications. While ginkgo may not 100% be used as a source of cure, one can certainly not deny that it helps erectile dysfunction management in the long run.

For testing this herbal remedy, people tested and took forty to sixty milligrams of this medication in capsule form. The duration lasted for a month, while the intake was two times a day.





Maca is a root vegetable that has numerous benefits that come along with it. Maca is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, amino acids, and iodine. This special herb has been known to treat stress and boost your mental integrity. Maca is also a popular ingredient used as a supplement by bodybuilders. This herb is highly nutritious and can reduce significant stress levels, as stress can cause erectile dysfunctions in the human body.

Maca Root Extract



Yohimbine herb

Yohimbine is a herb that is derived from the bark of a tree located in Western Africa. For decades, humans have used this herb as a remedy for impotence because it can broaden the blood vessels to the penis, which increases blood flow. This herb is also believed to raise the desire for sex and increase adrenaline levels in the body.

This herb also gives the users more duration of hardness and erections. Scientists have discovered that people treated with this herb have experienced direct erections where they subjects successfully achieved orgasms during the time period.

When combined with specific amino acids, yohimbine has effectively increased blood flow and directly helps in erections with people who have problems doing so. But be wary, as the side effects of this medication include sweating, sleeplessness, and headaches.

Yohimbine herb



Conclusion –Treat Erectile Dysfunction

While studies have shown that you can use male supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, organic herbs are also a good alternative for people who do not want to use any other form of medication.

People who have tested this form of herbal remedies have mostly had successful results. So, if you’re going to revive your sex life with your partner, you can give these herbal remedies a shot.



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