Meal Replacement Shakes Help You Lose Weight

The process of losing weight is arduous, and often most people lose the will midway. We understand how hard it is to maintain a diet with a specific set of rules. Furthermore, cutting calories to achieve a certain weight also leads to loss of nutrients.

However, one great alternative to losing weight while keeping the nutrient intact is through meal replacement shakes. A meal replacement shake is a low-calorie and healthy meal where you can drink in an instant. It is known for its convenience and offers almost a whole course of meal nutrition.

Let’s further get into the article to have a better view of this shake and its aspects.

Understanding The Aspects Of The Meal Replacement Shakes

A meal replacement shake is a nutritional drink that acts as a substitute for a regular meal. It is known for its convenience and is excellent for those who have a busy schedule. Furthermore, most of these shakes consist of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. It is also said that these shakes have around 200-400 calories.

Fat Burner

One of the good aspects about meal replacement shakes is that it’s convenient and easy to make. Processed or junk food is known for gaining weight. And most people tend to have processed food while on a busy schedule. But these shakes help you to avoid having junk food.
However, if you are on a diet, this would hamper the process. Hence, a meal replacement shake would serve as a great alternative to avoid resorting to processed food. In addition, these meal shakes are nutritional and help you to lose weight. For instance, you have a tight schedule and don’t have time to prepare a meal. So, what you can do is make a meal shake and drink it. Unlike regular meals, you can make a meal replacement shake instantly.

Today there are various types of meal replacement shakes available in the market. And these shakes are well-balanced with the right amount of nutrition to suffice the missed lunch. Note that these meal shakes are generally available in low calories. Thus, allowing you to lose weight gradually.

Top Three Meal Replacement Shakes

As mentioned earlier in the article, various types of meal replacement shakes are available in the market. And we have listed three meal shakes supplement that is nutritional, organic and great for weight loss.


#1 PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake

PhenQ is a vegan and gluten-free meal shake that helps you to lose weight and boost energy. In addition, the meal shake comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor. Furthermore, this meal shake is plant-based and free of artificial ingredients. Besides, drinking this supplement is like having one full meal. It’s an excellent substitute for a solid meal.

It has twenty-four essential minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is free of dairy and nuts. So, anyone can have this meal shake without having to worry about allergies. It is also keto-friendly and helps you healthily lose weight. If you strive to lose weight gradually, this shake would be a good choice for you.

Furthermore, the meal shakes taste good, which makes them a perfect substitute for a meal. It also keeps you intact for long hours and controls your cravings. If your schedule is busy, you can drink this meal replacement shake and carry on with your day.


  • It is free of artificial ingredients and entirely plant-based.
  • The meal shake replacement is a great energy booster and helps to reduce weight effectively.
  • You can mix this meal shake either in milk or water.


  • The meal shake is available only on the company’s official website.

          If you’re interested, you can click the official website to get the supplement.


PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake







#2 Fit & Lean Meal Replacement Shake

Generally, most of the meal shakes are for the overall benefit of health. However, the Fit & Lean meal shake is explicitly designed to lose fat. It’s advertised as a fat-burning meal shake that is meant for gradual weight loss.

Fit & Lean comprises ingredients that are rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins. It also has a blend of fiber, fat, digestive enzymes, probiotics, vegetables and fruit extracts. Furthermore, Fit & Lean also has fat-burning ingredients that help in reducing fats.

It is an excellent product for fat loss. So, if you have issues related to fats, this meal would be a great choice. The price is reasonable and is of excellent quality too.


  • It helps to lose fat efficiently.
  • It is affordable, and the ingredients are of high quality.


  • You can only have ten servings for a single tub.

You can click this link if you are interested in buying the Fit & Lean meal shake.



Fit & Lean Meal Replacement Shake








#3 Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Shake

The raw organic meal replacement from Garden of life is one of the best supplements available in the market. It means the ingredients are 100% organic and entirely vegan. In addition, the ingredients in it are USDA certified.

It is a high-quality meal shake that offers excellent nutrition and helps to lose weight effectively. Another significant aspect of this product is that it doesn’t have high sugar and is ideal for weight loss. In addition, the plant-based ingredients make it an excellent source for healthy weight loss.

Furthermore, you will get Raw organic meal replacement in different flavors. There are multiple flavors like vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chai and lightly sweet.  Also, you can choose the flavor according to your preferences. It is an excellent product available at a reasonable price.


  • It is a healthy plant-based organic meal replacement.
  • It offers an overall benefit to your health along with weight loss.


  • The calorie intact in this meal replacement is below average.

If you are interested, you can click this link to get the product.



Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Shake







What Are The Factors To Consider While Buying A Meal Replacement Shake?

Today, there are multiple types of meal shake available in the market. And each product claims to offer various benefits. Therefore, it’s necessary to look into certain factors in buying meal replacement shakes.

Here are some of the vital factors that you need to know before buying a meal shake product:

Source of protein

Protein is also one of the vital nutrients for weight loss. It’s crucial to check that the protein is sourced from grass-fed animals or organic plants. In addition, it is also essential to know the protein sources. You will see that some meal shakes are sourced from the animal while some are sourced from the plant. So, if you’re a vegetarian, you can opt for plant-based protein.


A replacement shake should contain 300 calories as recommended by the physicians. Besides, most of the shakes mainly consist of 200-300 calories. When the calorie is less than 200, it will not help you sustain for a long hour. Since you are substituting a solid meal for a meal shake, it’s vital to have the right calories.


Fiber is one of the main constituents of meal replacement shakes. It is also suitable for the digestive system and is known for absorbing nutrients. Almost all the meal shakes have fiber in it. A proper meal replacement should have a fiber dosage between 4g-9g. It will help you to feel intact and improve your digestive health.

Balance macronutrient

There are instances where some meal replacement shakes have a high intake of calories and carbohydrates and are low in protein. Therefore, it’s vital to check that all the nutrients are balanced. If you plan to lose weight through replacement meals, having high calories or fats will only hinder the progress. Hence, you should see that all the macronutrients are balanced.

Organic-based ingredients

It would be best to buy a meal replacement shake that is free of artificial ingredients. Buying an organic-based meal shake that consists of natural ingredients ensures that the supplement is of good quality. Furthermore, it’s better to get a meal shake free of preservatives, colors and flavors.


What You Should Know While Using Meal Replacement Shakes

There is no doubt that meal replacement shakes offer multiple health benefits along with weight loss. However, there are certain aspects that you should know about these types of supplements. Note that milk replacement shakes bear no side effects nor pose a threat to your health.

However, it’s essential to keep certain things in mind while having this meal shake. First, we know that a meal replacement shake helps lose weight, but one shouldn’t make it a habit. It’s an excellent mechanism for weight loss, but you should try to have it in moderation.

Solid meals are still integral to your body, and it’s essential to balance them out. You can make a plan and switch according to it. As the saying goes, too much of everything is not good. Hence, make sure to have the meal shake in moderation.

Most of the meal replacement comes with an all-pack nutrient. However, it lacks enzymes, plant compounds and antioxidants. Hence, it will help if you have whole food for good health along with the shake. Furthermore, some meal shakes have a high intake of sugar or unhealthy ingredients. Hence, it’s vital to check the ingredients content at the back of the container.

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to have both solid and liquid food. Both are not the same and offer different benefits to the body. A human body reacts differently to both solid and liquid nutrition. Therefore, try to have a balance of both food. It would help if you strived to keep good health along with gradual weight loss.

Furthermore, meal replacement shake is known for its convenience and hassle-free preparation. It’s a go-to meal for you to have on a tight schedule or avoid eating junk food. So, when you’re on a diet, it’s necessary to change your eating habits. For instance, you will not see any changes if you keep having processed or junk food and the meal shake. Therefore, try to maintain a well-balanced diet to get the desired result.

In addition, meal replacement shakes are not for everyone. This supplement is a low-calorie diet and is not suitable for people with eating disorders or kids. It is also not ideal for pregnant women or those with medical histories. Hence, if you intend to have this type of supplement, it would be better to consult a doctor before having it. Having hard food is vital, and resorting only to meal shakes can also cause some mental health issues.

Who Can Drink Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes offer different purposes. Some people drink to lose weight, while some consume it because of their busy schedules. These types of supplements are healthy ways to lose weight. It’s a nutritional drink that can boost energy and improve your health.

This type of shake is common among athletes. They drink meal shakes after the practice session to energize while keeping their weight intact. Meal replacement shakes are also great for older adults who face difficulty while having hard food. Its liquid nature helps to swallow without having any issues.

Meal replacement shakes are convenient and prevent an individual from overeating. Some would prepare it in the morning by mixing it with water or milk. They will have the shake when they are hungry instead of eating fast or processed food.  Furthermore, meal shake is a great supplement that offers various health benefits. And any individual can have it, given that you have no medical issues.


In conclusion, meal replacement shakes prevent overeating and avoid resorting to snacks. It is an efficient way to lose and is also known for its convenience. The shake is great for people who are tight on schedule. Meal shake is an excellent nutritional supplement and offers various benefits. However, it will be better to check the ingredients before buying a shake. Also, make sure that you can mix the shake both in water and milk.


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