Berberine Health Benefits

If you are struggling with the weight loss, you have definitely come across Berberine supplements. Right? Well, the weight loss industry is flooded with numerous different herbal solutions that can help you with weight loss but none of them have clinical trials enough to prove their benefits.

Berberine is one of those compounds that are powerful and strong and it is even compared to the pharmaceutical medications. So if you ever wondered about the effect of Berberine, what is actually is and everything in between, we have everything you need to know in the post below.

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What is Berberine?

Berberine might be known to some but for those who haven’t heard of this powerful herb, Berberine is an alkaloid that has been used for centuries for a plethora of conditions. Alkaloids are compounds that possess analgesic properties and is found in plants and fruits.

Berberine is found in a variety of plants and fruits including, tree turmeric, Oregon grape root, goldthread, European Barberry, and similar other plants. Over the years, this potential compound has been suggested for the treatment of several conditions including:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Bacterial Infections
  3. Heart Diseases
  4. Metabolic Disorders
  5. Hypercholesterolemia
  6. Chronic Inflammation
  7. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  8. Cancer (1)

In addition to all these conditions, Berberine is also proven to be really effective in the treatment of obesity.


Berberine Health Benefits






How Berberine Helps For Weight Loss & Obesity

Besides lowering blood sugar levels, reducing levels of free cholesterol in the blood and even treating cancers, Berberine has been used in the weight loss supplements for a number of years.

Just like other weight loss supplements, Berberine alters several different pathways thereby shredding the stubborn fats from the body and offering its potential benefits. So here are some of the suggested ways through which Berberine works for weight loss.

#1 It Triggers Fat Breakdown & Increases Brown Fat in the Body

Several studies have proven the fact that Berberine actually helps to enhance the levels of brown fat in the body. Not all fats in the body are bad. Brown fat is a good fat that enhances the body’s metabolism, limits weight gain, and increases body temperature for further fat breakdown. All of these factors help in weight loss, all together and improve overall metabolism.

#2 It Suppresses Appetite

Does Berberine suppress appetite? Well, the answer to this question is YES! Berberine is an appetite suppressant that directly helps in reducing the weight and fat levels in the body. according to a study performed, it is suggested that Berberine helps in the reduction of Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is involved in hunger. By suppressing this hormone, patients with metabolic syndrome and obesity would be benefited.

#3 Lowers Inflammation in Fat & Liver Cells

Inflammation is the major reason for a number of conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. The less the inflammation in the body, the healthier the person. Berberine has been shown to lower generalized inflammation through its effects on the COX2 pathway. In addition to that, Berberine also reduces the inflammation of the liver cells.

#4 Improves Digestion

Digestion is something that is important in weight loss. A number of studies have shown that the unhealthy foods that we eat increase the inflammation of the intestine that causes improper digestion and digestive hormonal imbalance. This all leads to weight gain and insulin resistance. Fortunately, Berberine happens to have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that aid in reducing the inflammation and thereby improving the digestion.

#5 It Boosts Metabolism

Another great benefit that comes with Berberine is enhanced metabolism. Berberine helps in the production of Mitochondria that is responsible for the metabolism of the entire body. That means the higher the number of mitochondria, the better the function, the more energy will be burning at rest. This all leads to weight loss and healthier you.

How To Use Berberine For Weight Loss?

Just like other weight loss supplements and fat burners, Berberine works with a balanced diet. It is not a magic potion that works magically to lose weight and fats. You will be needing a dose of around 2000mg per day of Berberine to achieve the maximum benefits. This dosage is necessary for weight loss and treating insulin resistance.

Berberine – The Ultimate Supplement You Need

Berberine is the ultimate supplement that:

  1. Improves GI function
  2. Balances hormones
  3. Helps with weight loss
  4. Improves muscle recovery
  5. Boosts up metabolism
  6. Improves liver health
  7. Reduces inflammation

A dose of 2000mg per day is well tolerated generally and is free of side effects. However, it might cause stomach discomfort. So it is always recommended to see your doctor before taking any kind of supplement or medication. It is completely safe to use, but you need to make sure that you are using the right dose for your body and the right duration.


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