Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

The scientific medicinal community has always been pushing towards organic means of making meds. Supplements, these days, are becoming more plant-based. But the practice of making use of plants and herbs to make meds isn’t a new discovery.

There are tons and tons of mentions of medicinal plants that people from those days employed in ancient scrolls and texts. One such example of a medicinal plant is that of the Tribulus Terrestris.
The plant is famous for its medicinal values in the botanical world. The benefits of Tribulus Terrestris vary across a wide spectrum. The herb is very effective in treating many health issues.

Furthermore, it’s widely famous for its qualities in reducing cholesterol. Not only that, health practitioners use it widely to help patients combat high levels of blood sugar.

Thus, let’s quickly dive into our article on the Tribulus Terrestris Benefits.

Tribulus Terrestris

Found mostly around areas of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, it’s a small leafy plant with yellow petals. Its other names include terms such as goat’s head, caltrop, and Gokshura.

However, the most famous term used for Tribulus Terrestris is the puncture vine. The term refers to the spines that cover the entire plant. Some say that these spines are even capable of puncturing a bicycle tire, and so the terminology.

The Indian Ayurveda is well-known for its usage of medicinal plants. The same is true for Traditional Chinese medicines. Records state the use of these herbs in many forms of medicines.

Among its many uses, it’s apt to mention its applications in enhancing Libido. These ancient methods also use these herbs for treating erectile dysfunction in individuals.

At the same time, it’s also helpful for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. To tap into its healing aspects, one can use the roots, leaves, and fruits of the plant.


Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris


Benefits of the Plant

The usage of the plant to raise performance levels for bodybuilders and athletes is no secret. Over time, accurate studies on the plant revealed positive effects on sexual health.

In addition, it surely improves the overall human body circulatory systems. Such systems also include the heart. Also, it’s known for helping out in cases of angina and so on.

The Herb and Libido

On the market, there are many claims on supplements made out of the herb. One such claim is that it massively boosts testosterone levels in the body. At the same time, a lot of studies refute such claims made by the companies selling such products.

However, even though that may be true, its effects on enhancing the levels of Libido are nothing but praiseworthy. Thus, it’s safe that the plant does help in boosting Libido.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Libido simply is an individual’s desire for sexual activity. In other words, it’s a person’s sex drive.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris


Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

A study to test the impact of the herb on cholesterol and blood sugar revealed promising stats for the plant. The researchers gave two groups of women different prescriptions. The first group received a placebo, while the other got supplements made out of the plant.

Exactly after a duration of three months, they collected the data. There was a huge drop in the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in the case of women on the herb. Thus, its effects on Diabetes are clearly positive and promising.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women – Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Even though it’s widely famous for being a male tonic, it’s efficient in treating sexual disorders in women.

It may not be as beneficial in the case of men, but it does help in treating women with sexual dysfunction. On top of that, some cases even state its benefits with respect to menopause in women. It’s quite interesting to know that the herb raised the levels of testosterone in women.

Also, there was an increased amount of arousal in women with low levels of Libido. Plus, their sexual desires also rose. At the same time, there was an overall satisfaction among the women and decrease pain.

Besides, for better sexual and hormonal functions, some even advise the herbal concoction of the plant.

Does Tribulus Help Erectile Dysfunction?

The herb supplements help patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. It’s among the primary benefits of herbal medicine.

A study carried out among a group of men showed improvements in about 12 weeks. These men, ranging from 18-65 years of age, took a 500mg dosage thrice a day during this duration.

The other fact that the experts took into account was that some of these men also had low libido levels. Thus, the treatment not only treated their erectile dysfunction but also raised their libido levels.

They found that it was especially helpful for men with low to moderate levels of erectile dysfunction.

Some of the herbal blends of the plant are well-known for helping with fertility in men. There was a rise in the sperm count in men who took part in the treatment process.

Issues with Large Scale Use of Tribulus Terrestris

The first problem arises from the fact that there is just not enough evidence on its effectiveness. It’s a fact that it lowers down cholesterol and sugar levels. But at the same time, there’s not enough data on how safe it is in the long term.

Additionally, there are risks of side effects such as restlessness. Plus, it may also raise the heart rate.

Health experts tell men with prostrate issues to avoid these herbal supplements. The reason is that medical trials in male subjects show a considerable rise in the weight of prostate glands.

Also, if you’re someone who’s already on medication for Diabetes, do not go for such a supplement. That is because a mixture of these two medications will be pulling down your blood sugar to very low levels.

At the same time, the Tribulus supplement may result in extreme erections for long durations. There are cases of such incidents of painful erections on the consumption of these herbs.

And if you’re an athlete, be extra careful since there are always chances of unintentional doping. That is because supplements to boost performance don’t always list all its ingredients.



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