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Cold Therapy Benefits | IsoTube Technology

IsoComforter, Inc., one of the Nation’s premier providers of cold therapy products, has created an innovative IsoTube technology and uniflow technology that employs a patented method of temperature regulation that increases the Cold Therapy Benefits of using our system. IsoComforter’s patented Iso-Tube pads are designed to completely disperse cold therapy across the cooling surface of the pad due to the single flow design. The water flows in one direction allowing for high flow heat transfer. The IsoTube ridges provide optimal contact and pain control. By utilizing ice and water that is circulated from an insulated fluid reservoir to a pad that is applied to your injury or post op site, the system provides continuous cold therapy for an extended period of time between ice changes. The IsoComforter patented IsoTube System is engineered to sustain a constant temperature range without manual mechanical controls. The result is an easy to use cold therapy system that provides safe, effective heat transfer at the optimal therapeutic temperature range. The IsoComforter cold therapy machine with IsoTube technology produces a very comfortable “cold” that is more easily tolerated by patients. This is one of the main cold therapy benefits we have developed. It has been proven to notably reduce swelling and pain… often with less dependency on pain relievers.

Dynamic Versus Static

Traditional ice packs only provide a “Static” form of cold therapy, meaning there is no flow or movement. The constant flow of cold water provides a more stable heat transfer to the area. Cold water moving rapidly over an area is less likely to injure you than ice sitting directly on the skin, causing burns. IsoComforter provides a dynamic or constant flow of cold therapy, allowing for better heat transfer creating a major cold therapy benefits. The most efficient heat transfer happens between the greatest differences of temperatures and when you have a high rate of cold water flow over the injured area. Dynamic cold therapy, such as the IsoComforter cold therapy system, provides a more consistent therapeutic temperature, thus accelerating the healing process and reducing pain, swelling, and the need for pain control medications.

IsoComforter Therapy Bladder Pads

The IsoComforter IsoTube pad system is specifically designed for different body parts and applications. It delivers comfortable cold therapy with accurate therapeutic temperature ranges that allow for longer-term application. IsoComforter’s patented cold therapy pads are Silicone free and resists flow restrictions and stiffening and conform better to body contours. The flow pattern assures a consistent temperature across the pads for uniform therapy, while the foam insulation on the pad and hose helps prevent condensation. Learn about our cold therapy benefits below. Cold Therapy is proven clinically effective in:

  • Treating ACL tear, rotator cuff injury, knee injury, knee replacement, general surgery, plastic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hip replacement and other orthopedic trauma
  • Reducing pain and the amount of medication needed
  • Accelerating the healing of damaged tissue
  • Promoting blood coagulation
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Reduces the Ability of Nerve Endings to Conduct Impulses
  • Provides Hours of Relief to the Surgical Site
  • Safer Than Conventional Ice Packs
  • Reduced Risk of Condensation to Surgical Site, Reducing Risk of Infection
  • Reduces Pain from Fractures

Ice packs and conventional cooling systems often fail to achieve satisfactory therapeutic benefits for several reasons:

  • Insufficient heat transfer due to low flow rate of coolant
  • Inefficient or outdated bladder design
  • Danger of condensation
  • Much less effective in reducing pain and swelling

Other cold therapy systems use the equivalent of home aquarium pumps that typically are rated at less than 18 gallons-per-hour. Such low pumping capacities simply cannot optimize heat transfer. IsoComforter uses an industrial-grade high flow pump for long term, flawless use. For years, IsoComforter has proven itself in real-world conditions on patients that have reported exceptional outcomes when using our product. Professional and amateur athletes use cold therapy routinely to keep the performing at their best. Our product literally has the best cold therapy benefits of all the products on the market today.

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