Cold Water Therapy Machines
Complete Systems

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knee cold therapy natural pain relief swelling
cold cure wrap pads for shoulder pain relief
ice cold water therapy machines
Multi Purpose Knee

Individual Parts

for Cold Water Therapy Machines

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ISO Cold therapy Unit
with Power Supply



ISO Tube Knee Pad



ISO Tube Should Pad

    10×10 Sterile Pad

 Hip Wrap
(To be used with Iso-BMNS pad)



Sterile 5×10 Pad

Shoulder wrap
(To be used with Multi-Purpose BMNS pad)

Non-Sterile Multi Purpose Pad

Lumbar Wrap
(to be used with 10×10 pad)




Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer Sling
with Abduction Pillow



“Y” Adapter to Connect
Two Iso-Tube Pads



Hospital Bed Hook





Replacement Power Adapter





Auto Adapter Power Supply