Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer Sling with Abduction Pillow


Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer Sling with Abduction Pillow

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Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer Sling with Abduction Pillow


The shoulder immobilizing sling with 10º abduction pillow is available in small, medium, and large.

  • Made of breathable and cool cotton material.
  • Can be used after rotator cuff repair
  • Helps to recover from Sprains, Strains, Dislocations, Fractures, and other shoulder/elbow injuries


Shoulder/Arm immobilizer sling

For arm or shoulder injury and rotator cuff tear treatment, a cold therapy sling is often recommended, along with a shoulder brace.

The IsoComforter cold therapy sling effectively immobilizes the injured arm and shoulder to help reduce painful movement and promote healing. It is highly recommended for rotator cuff tear treatment. It will help you get back on your feet sooner with less need for pain medications. This is a wonderful addition to promote faster healing and less pain in the initial stages of healing. Consider this Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer Sling with Abduction Pillow when completing your purchase and make sure to order the correct size. You can always call one of our knowledgeable staff for any questions you might have about how to order or getting the correct size.

Why is patient pain control important?

First, being comfortable, will be your priority and pain control helps you recover faster and reduces your risk of developing some complications after surgery. Pain control helps you better move around after surgery or an injury and that movement may help decrease the possibility of pneumonia and blood clots. When your pain is well controlled, you are able to better complete every day movements, such as walking and deep breathing exercises. In addition, pain control will determine your success in your rehabilitation.

What kinds of pain will I feel after surgery?

After surgery, the incision itself will be tender but that may not be your only area of pain.  You may experience muscle pain, and stiffness in your joints. Laying on the operating room table or the hospital bed alone can cause pain. The area around the incision or where the injury occurred could be extremely sore.


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