Non-Sterile Multi Purpose Pad


Great for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

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Non-Sterile Multi Purpose Pad


Non-Sterile Multi-Purpose Bladder Pad with Unattached Straps

****Can be purchased with the IsoComforter Shoulder Wrap (Iso-SHWRAP) for a low profile shoulder system that conforms to the body****

Used for: Non-Sterile Multi-Purpose Pad

  • Knee and Shoulder Injuries
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Trauma
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post Workout Soreness


Non-Sterile multi use pad (Knee/Shoulder) with Detachable Straps.

Info that may be useful to someone with an injury. Some information here may not apply to your particular injury. We have included it as a courtesy

Types of dressing

Depiction of a dressing on a face from a painting from 1490

Historically, a dressing was usually a piece of material, sometimes cloth, but the use of cobwebs, dung, leaves and honey have also been described. However, modern dressings include gauze (which may be impregnated with an agent designed to help sterility or to speed healing), films, gels, foams, hydrocolloids, alginates, hydrogels and polysaccharide pastes, granules and beads. Many gauze dressings have a layer of nonstick film over the absorbent gauze to prevent the wound from adhering to the dressing. Dressings can be impregnated with antiseptic chemicals, as in boracic lint or where medicinal castor oil was used in the first surgical dressings. Bioelectric dressings such as Procellera can be effective in attacking certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria and speeding up the healing process.

Various types of dressings can be used to accomplish different objectives including:

  • Controlling the moisture content, so that the wound stays moist or dry. An example of a moisture-retaining dressing is Aquacel, which is a “hydrofiber” that is indicated, for example, for partial-thickness burns.
  • Protecting the wound from infection;
  • Removing slough; and
  • Maintaining the optimum pH and temperature to encourage healing.

Occlusive dressings, made from substances impervious to moisture such as plastic or latex, can be used to increase the rate of absorption of certain topical medications into the skin.


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